A day in the life of an Energy Manager

Mariusz is part of a team of energy managers tasked to deliver energy savings across the estate of a major high street bank. He joined Mitie after graduating from the University of the West of England with a BSc in Climate Change and Energy Management and gaining previous experience in installation of energy efficiency measures within the domestic sector. Having worked for Mitie for over two years, Maruisz’s journey started with providing remote BMS support, then he took on an Energy Engineer role and subsequently moved to Energy Manager.

Responsible for 210 offices and branches across London and the South West; Mariusz works closely with various Mitie teams including: M&V (monitoring and verification), ROC (remote optimisation centre) and Building Management Systems (BMS) controls; as well as hard services and operational engagement and facilities management teams based at individual sites. Building good working relationships with all these departments has been a real focus in the first 6 months, because collaborative efforts are crucial to saving energy. The experience gained working as part of the controls team was a vital development stage for Mariusz, as it allowed him to gain insight into BMS technologies which, in his opinion, are fundamental in technical energy management. Mariusz has identified a number of larger investment projects and also quick-win energy saving opportunities for the client that do not require any capital expenditure. One of his main achievements has been the further reduction of energy consumption at a large office site. The systematic methodological approach, combined with the great assistance from the Technical Facilities Management area supervisor, allowed the identification and isolation of heating pumps that were running unnecessarily. Modification to the control software and moving to a Variant Refrigerant Volume (VRV) cooling system under the BMS control means that it now only operates when required, which saves energy.

Mariusz is not only an expert in saving energy, in his spare time he enjoys DIY-ing and scuba diving and he’s recently taken part in diving trips to Cuba and Malta – together he has done over 100 dives but he’s still waiting for a day when he gets the opportunity to face a shark!