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Trump's energy plan is unlikely to save US coal

Our latest article discussing Trump's new energy approach and how it will affect the US coal industry.

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Ofgem to tackle embedded "benefits" distortion ...

Ofgem today published a consultation proposing the removal of some of the payments embedded generators receive — known as embedded benefits. The regulator has argued the payments are distorting the market and the changes will level the playing field for generators. The changes also appear to be an effort to push all generator revenue streams through the Capacity Market.

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Centrica limits injections into Rough this summer

Centrica Storage today announced that Rough will not be available for injections from 1 May 2017 until at least 1 July 2017 as the facility will be undergoing calliper and well tests. The tests are expected to be completed by July, but it is the operator has not confirmed injection availability will resume thereafter.

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T-1 Capacity Market clears below expectations

The first T-1 Capacity Market auction has clear at just £6.95/kW, well below expectations. This will reduce the increase in non-commodity charges this year, but the low clearing prices being struck at auction could contribute to security of supply issues on the horizon. This article provides a brief overview of the auction results and highlights the wider issues at hand.

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A review of energy markets in 2016

2016 has been a volatile year for energy commodities. This article takes a look at the key changes that have occurred in the past 12 months and reviews how the energy market has changed. It also offers some outlook into the pricing environment in years to come.

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Capacity Market results

This note briefly discusses the results of the third Capacity Market auction, which were published by National Grid on Friday.

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Autumn Statement 2016

The Chancellor has announced his Autumn Statement. Mr Hammond had previously stated he would “reset fiscal policy” in the wake of the Brexit referendum at today’s address. This note briefly looks at what was announced today and whether it will have an impact on energy costs.

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Trump wins US election: What does this mean for...

Donald Trump has won the US election. This article looks at the initial impact the surprise result has had on markets before briefly looking at what some of the longer-term implications of his presidency could have on the global economy, geo-politics, energy commodities and climate change policy.

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Shift in Chinese coal policy supports European ...

This note briefly details the changes in Chinese policy, how they have tightened the coal market and what impact they are likely to have on the future demand outlook. It also highlights additional drivers supporting the coal market this winter and explains how they are supporting power prices.

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Could the UK remove the Carbon Floor Price in t...

Recent media reports have highlighted concerns within the energy industry that the government could scrap the carbon floor prices in the upcoming Autumn Statement on 23 November. This article highlights the impacts such action would have on power prices, the competition between generating fuels and the risks to UK security of supply it would have. It also argues that such a move is unlikely.

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