Metering services

Often the most cost-effective way to improve the insight you have about energy use in your business is through deploying intelligent metering services.

There can be a number of significant benefits to installing sub meters and AMR (automated meter reading) across your portfolio. Metering data enables you to benchmark and compare energy used across your business, providing evidence to better inform decisions about future energy management investments.

AMR fiscal metering also helps to reduce estimates by providing accurate information for the management of utility bill payments such as monthly accruals which are often a major burden on a company’s financial accounts. Landlords and building owners, who are governed by new legislation, will be able to accurately bill their tenants for their heat usage.

What we’ll do for you:

  • Arrange a full electrical and heat meter survey of your site(s) and any existing metering, to ensure an effective metering strategy that provides the fastest return on investment
  • Identify the most appropriate metering services available to your business and make recommendations for what would be best for you
  • Fully manage the installation of your AMR upgrade programme working with all stakeholders to ensure minimal impact during the power shutdown and meter upgrade
  • Deliver your whole metering strategy including the project management, supply of equipment and sub meter installations
  • Carry out meter and portal configuration to allow online integration with our Enhanced Volume Reporting toolkit
  • Monitor consumption data, and investigate any anomalies that reflect excessive energy usage
  • Provide highly accurate bill validation using half-hourly readings from AMR meters