Bill services and audits

Taking control of your energy bills and ensuring you are paying the correct amount is what our bill services team specialise in.

For many businesses the increasing complexity of energy tariffs can make it difficult to be certain if you're paying the correct amount for the energy you use, particularly if you're managing energy costs across large multi-site portfolios.

Our team provides crucial services for processing, validating and checking bills, as well as managing and resolving any queries which arise. We'll also provide simple cost and consumption reports so you have a clear picture of what energy you have paid for and when. We will take care of your whole portfolio, providing peace of mind that your bill payments and processing are in the hands of our experts.

What we'll do for you?

  • Give you a clearer picture of past consumption and cost to help your budget and planning
  • Improve the accuracy of your energy bills and reduce the number of estimated bills you receive
  • Stay on top of multiple meters and accounts across your portfolio
  • Carry out invoice validation and cost recovery providing confidence the right bill is being paid at the right time
  • Manage outsourced invoice payment to remove the headache of dealing with energy bills
We can also offer historical bill audits to ensure you haven't overpaid in the past and if you have we'll recoup the costs for you. We can also help with your budget planning through our budget forecast services.