Budget forecasts

Energy budget forecast is becoming an increasing cost for businesses so producing a detailed and accurate energy forecast budget has never been more important.

By gathering an overview of your energy costs on a site-by-site basis and using our energy expertise to help forecast future costs, we can help you develop an energy budget for your business.

We can help forecast your non-commodity and commodity charges in order to develop your electricity and gas budgets. We’ll do this on a site-by-site and month-by-month cost basis, helping to take the strain out of the budget planning process.

What we'll do for you?

  • Discuss with you your costs and the budget planning process
  • Provide energy consumption forecasting based on historical bills
  • Produce a report with site-specific energy costs forecast across all contracts in your portfolio
  • Update the report on an annual basis
  • Provide support from our energy experts to interpret the data