Your energy manager

We can provide you with a dedicated energy manager who is fully aligned to the goals and objectives of your business. Our energy managers will look after your long-term energy strategy and proactively identifying areas for improvement and enhancement.

There are a number of options of how this could work for you:

  • A secondment into your business to help you meet specific objectives or deliver projects for a set period of time
  • Outsourcing management of the role to us, your energy manager will work to reduce energy across your building/s by optimising your energy assets
  • Deploying an energy manager as needed on a day-by-day basis to perform set tasks such as review buildings, carry out energy surveys and benchmark a buildings performance
  • Training staff and building users on best practice to help change employee behaviour

We want to deliver the best possible solution, so our managers will constantly strive to exceed energy targets, saving your business money.

What we'll do for you

  • Provide the right energy manager for your business
  • Discuss your requirements and deploy the right solution for you
  • Assess your current energy strategy and review your current energy use and assets
  • Revise your energy strategy with clear targets and objectives to meet
  • Hold regular meetings with you to assess progress with your strategy